Monday, March 14, 2011

" If opportunity does not knock build a door." Milton Berle

Japan's Tree of Life

First and foremost our hearts go out to Japan and all its people.

Sorry this post is late, world events and getting the keys to Robin and I's store was taking much of our time. The official name of the place is
CIRCA: Vintage Wares and Chairs!!! Stay tuned for the April opening We'll need all your help!!

As most of you know the store is up in Amesbury Mass. one town shy of New Hampshire. ( that means all my friends in N.H are mandated to show up at the store sometime and say hello!!) Amesbury is a great fit for something like this, it feels right!!! The Pow-Wow river runs right through town not the Parker River that I stated before. (sorry) But really how many towns have a raging river running through it?......That's cool!!!

The title quote is from my buddy Milton. It's easily one of my most favorite quotes of all time!! So here's a little Milton Berle Tribute

Milton had a long life and certainly built many doors, he is a hero of mine.

Milton Berle got his start in silent film, and went onto a career in vaudeville, musicals, movies and television. As the host of the variety show, Texaco Star Theatre, from 1948-56, Bearle helped make television a fixture of the American family. Acclaimed for his dramatic acting as well as his humor, Berle made guest appearances on television into his nineties. He died in 2002.........Milton is responsble for much success and he not only did it with a smile but gave a smile to many. :)

Thank you all, you're the best!!


  1. Scott, you always find the perfect quote at the right time - thanks for the inspiration, and from a seemingly unlikely source like Milton Berle, whom I now know a lot more about thanks to you! Plus, I like the name you've chosen for the new shop! Everything is slowly but surely falling into place, my friend.

  2. Hi Gabriella,
    Thanks for checking in. Can't wait to show Brian and yourself the new store/ gallery and the town of Amesbury!!! You'll have to make sure to bring your camera. Robin and I are going to try to match the raging rivers power!!